Morton (Mickey) J. Simon, Jr.

Democratic Candidate for Re-election
in Cheltenham's 6th Ward

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Vision and Action in Cheltenham
Experience, Knowledge, & Ideas


My name is Morton J. Simon, Jr. Most people know me as Mickey Simon. Hopefully you already know me as your elected Commissioner in the Sixth Ward. I am now running for re-election.

To be sure that you are not confused during the campaign and on Election Day - November 8, 2005 - my name will appear on the ballot as "Morton (Mickey) J. Simon, Jr."

Please be sure to vote for me under that name which I hope is, or will be, very familiar to you by November 8.

I hope you'll use this Web site to find out more about me, to sign up to work for my campaign, to learn how to make a financial contribution to my campaign, to give me any comments, and to link to information about Cheltenham, Cheltenham's state and federal officials, and Montgomery County and Democrats.



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